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Platelet Function Analysis PFA is a useful initial screening test for investigating platelet dysfunction. A whole blood sample is passed under high shear stress through a small aperture in a biochemically active cartridge. There are two test cartridges currently available: • collagen/epinephrine COL/EPI and • collagen/adenosine COL/ADP. The PFA-100 is a system for analyzing platelet function in which citrated whole blood is aspirated at high shear rates through disposable cartridges containing an aperture within a membrane coated with either collagen and epinephrine CEPI or collagen and ADP CADP. These agonists induce platelet adhesion, activation and aggregation leading. Leistungsverzeichnis Telefon Arzt 0201-723-85661, MTA 0201-723-1600 Universitätsklinikum Essen Zentrallabor Version 1.0 Stand: 01.05.2009 PFA–100 =Thrombozytenfunktionstest Probenmaterial. Blood samples were tested in duplicate with both the collagen/epinephrine Col/Epi and collagen/ADP Col/ADP test cartridges. PFA reference ranges 90% central intervals of measured closure times for both cartridge types were similar for all groups. Subgroup analysis showed that neither gender nor oral contraceptive usage had any effect on PHC. The PFA-100® Platelet Function Analyzer – 100 is a testing device that many laboratories are using as a platelet function screen, in place of the bleeding time, to approximate the clotting process. To do the test, a tube of blood is drawn from a vein in the arm and then a.

pfa-100 & pfa-200 Introduction The PFA-100 is a system for analysing platelet function in which citrated whole blood is aspirated at high shear rates through disposable cartridges containing an aperture within a membrane coated with either Collagen and Epinephrine CEPI or Collagen and ADP CADP. 04/03/41 · The PFA-100 uses a disposable test cartridge that contains a membrane impregnated with collagen plus ADP Col/ADP membrane or epinephrine Col/Epi membrane. 08/11/32 · Closure time CT, measured by a platelet function analyser PFA-100 ®, Dade-Behring, Marburg, Germany, is a parameter that can now be determined in a clinical laboratory as a possible alternative or supplement to the bleeding time. Two test cartridges are available: collagen/adenosine diphosphate C/ADP and collagen/epinephrine C/Epi. 22/10/39 · AccessGUDID - Dade® PFA Collagen/EPI Test Cartridge 00842768003660- To aid in the detection of platelet dysfunction in citrated human whole blood. The Dade PFA Collagen/EPI Test Cartridge provides effective assessment of pre-surgical therapy with desmopressin DDAVP Several clinical studies suggest that the PFA closure time CT with both the Dade PFA Collagen/EPI and Dade PFA Collagen/ADP Test Cartridges becomes measurably shorter following infusion of DDAVP.

PFA-Verschlusszeit. Blutungszeit in vitro. Material. 3,8 % oder 3,2 % gepuffertes Natrium-Citrat, Citrat-Blut. Referenzbereiche. Collagen/Epinephrin: 84-160 Sekunden. PFA-EPI is ordered when the request is for a reason of pre-operative aspirin therapy, abnormal bleeding, or response to treatment for von Willebrand disease. If this test is abnormal high, PFA-ADP is reflexed onto initial order. PFA-ADP is performed if the PFA-EPI is high or if reason for PFA is postoperative. Pooled weighted sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic odds ratio were calculated applying random effects modelling and constructing summary operator characteristic curves. This was done separately for the available test modifications using either collagen/epinephrine PFA-EPI or collagen/adenosine-diphosphate PFA-ADP for platelet activation. In Vivo Hemostasis PFA-100® Endothelium Collagen vWF Fibrinogen Platelet Erythrocyte Aperture 150 µm Collagen EPI or ADP vWF Platelet Erythrocyte 200µm - 40 mbar Easy Insert test cartridge Steps Start test Three Pipette 800µl sample 15 sec 45 sec 80 sec 110 sec Closure Time CT in SECONDS indicating “Platelet Haemostasis Capacity PHC.

The Innovance® PFA-200 System’s unique technology simulates in vitro hemodynamic conditions of platelet adhesion and aggregation in a vascular lesion, providing simple, rapid detection of congenital, inherited, and acquired platelet dysfunction in multiple clinical settings. Duplicate Test: Dade PFA Collagen/EPI Test Cartridge, Dade PFA. 想的檢驗工具來協助。同時經過國內及本科的研究發現在國人也有相同的情況,並以PFA 作為 評估工具與Mark J. Alberts,等人研究發現相同8 9 10 11,既Col/EPI 對ASA-induced platelet dysfunction 非常敏感,所以在臨床上PFA 被建議可以用於阿斯匹靈的用藥評估。. reactivity, measured with the PFA-100 system, were highly heritable. The aim of the present study was to identify genetic determinants that influence the variability of these phenotypes: closure time of collagen-ADP Col-ADP and of collagen-epinephrine Col-Epi. 2 Methods: As part of the GAIT-2.

Note: This test includes Collagen/ EPI and Collagen/ ADP components. The test should not be ordered if hematocrit is below 30% or platelet count is below 100,000/uL. Test. 4. How is the PFA test performed? The PFA test is performed with a laboratory analyzer termed the PFA -100. This instrument uses small membranes coated with either collagen and epinephrine Col/Epi or collagen and ADP Col/ADP. Anticoagulated whole blood is. 04/07/24 · Comparison of PFA-100 testing and bleeding time for detecting platelet hypofunction and von Willebrand disease in clinical practice. PFA-100 closure time CT for epinephrine-collagen EPI and ADP-collagen ADP cartridges and modified Ivy BTs were performed on outpatients referred for testing for suspected or known hemorrhagic diathesis n. PFA, een nieuwe methode om de trombocytenfunctie te testen. Indien de PFA-EPI verlengd is laat de PFA-ADP zien of de patiënt recent toch ASA/NSAIDs heeft gebruikt. Als beide verlengd zijn is dit een aanwijzing voor een aangeboren dan wel verworven trombocytopathie of von Willebrand ziekte. Single test Dade PFA Collagen/EPI Test Cartridge, Dade PFA Collagen/ADP Test Cartridge, or INNOVANCE® PFA P2Y: 6 tests/hour Duplicate test Dade PFA Collagen/EPI Test Cartridge, Dade PFA Collagen/ADP Test Cartridge, or INNOVANCE PFA P2Y: 10 tests/hour Software: Interface Color LCD touchscreen Host connection Uni-directional, external.

13/12/26 · Results: Although the PFA‐100 CT is abnormal in some forms of platelet disorders, the test does not have sufficient sensitivity or specificity to be used as a screening tool for platelet disorders. A role of the PFA‐100 CT in therapeutic monitoring of platelet function remains to be established. The availability of newer and more reliable platelet function analyzers, flow cytometry, and molecular biological techniques is changing our approach to platelet function analysis. Another table lists a number of relatively new platelet function tests that are currently available. 18/04/31 · 1 장비명: PFA-100 Platelet function analyzer, 혈소판기능분석기 2 Collagen/EPI cartridge----routine screening 목적 혈소판 결함이 원래부터 내재해 있을 때, vWD, 혈소판 억제약물을 복용했을 경우에 이상소견을 보인다.

  1. PFA-100 is a lab test to assess platelet function and detect bleeding disorders such as von Willebrand. The membranes are coated with collagen to provide an initial matrix for platelet adhesion. In addition to collagen, the membranes are coated epinephrine COL/EPI or adenosine diphosphate COL/ADP, which stimulates platelet aggregation.
  2. Combining the INNOVANCE PFA ® P2Y test 1, the Dade ® PFA Collagen/EPI Test Cartridge, and the Dade PFA Collagen/ADP Test Cartridge provides a comprehensive, cost-effective preoperative bleeding risk solution. Simple 3-step process requires minimal pipetting and hands-on time; Results from one 800 μL sample of blood.

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