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21/08/40 · The new Otus 100 1.4 is a fantastic lens for any portrait or fine art photographer or anyone looking to shoot with a lovely, shallow depth of field or in lower light situations. Follow Park. The ZEISS Otus 1.4/100 is one of the best lenses in its class due to its low sample variation, outstanding imaging performance, and superior build quality. With the same uncompromising performance that makes all Otus lenses stand out, the ZEISS Otus 1.4/100 is a truly exceptional lens. 26/11/40 · John Riley reviews the ZEISS Otus Apo-Sonnar 100mm f/1.4 T lens to see if the telephoto prime will capture images which are on-par with its own impressive appearance and price tag. Il Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 è un obiettivo tele per formato FF e APS-C, prodotto dal 2019. La messa a fuoco avviene tramite Manual Focus, non è presente stabilizzazione d'immagine.Il prezzo medio, al momento dell'inserimento della scheda, è sui 4500 €; nessun voto. Carl Zeiss カールツァイス Otus 1.4/100 のテストにあたり、相応の覚悟を持って挑みました。なぜなら、 1.全メーカーを通しても最高性能が予想される「Otus」であるという事 2.100mm f1.4という、極端に被写界深度の薄いレンズだという事.

05/08/40 · It's not official yet, but it appears Zeiss will soon announce the Otus 100mm F1.4 lens for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts, making it the longest focal length in the Otus lineup. DPReview has obtained leaked images, with permission, from Nokishita showing in. Otusシリーズの100mmと聞くだけで、まず気になるのは、一体どれほどのサイズなのか? ということでした。ある程度は想定していましたが、いざ手渡されるとズシリと感じる金属の塊感と立派な鏡筒と前玉、まさに王者の風格にニヤリ。. Carl Zeiss Otus 100mm F1.4 ZF.2 / ZE 世界最高性能を謳う「Carl Zeiss Otus」シリーズに望遠域をカバーする『Otus 100mm F1.4』が登場しました。同じクラスのレンズの中でも最高のクオリティを誇ると. 19/08/40 · The rumored Zeiss Otus 100mm F1.4 lens for full-frame Canon and Nikon cameras has been officially announced, joining the existing Otus 28mm, 55mm, and 85mm models. The new Otus 1.4/100 lens features a full-metal housing, high-precision manual focusing, and the company's T. 02/10/40 · Zeiss has officially announced the new Otus 100mm f/1.4 lens today. You can check price and pre-order options at B&H Photo Video/Adorama. The ZEISS Otus 1.4/100 is one of the best lenses in its class due to its low sample variation, outstanding imaging performance, and superior build quality.

Zeiss 100mm f/1.4 Otus 1.4/100 User Reviews. The Zeiss 100mm f/1.4 Otus 1.4/100 doesn't have any user reviews yet! Be the first to review this lens! ツァイス Zeiss Otus 1.4/100 ZF.2 [100mm/F1.4 ニコンFマウント]の通販ならヨドバシカメラの公式サイト「」で!レビュー、Q&A、画像も盛り沢山。ご購入でゴールドポイント取得!今なら日本全国へ全品配達料金無料、即日・翌日お届け実施中。. The new Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 Lens for Nikon F mount is now officially announced. The US price is $4,500 and it will be released in May, 2019. The ZEISS Otus 1.4/100 is one of the best lenses in its class due to its low sample variation, outstanding imaging performance, and superior build quality. Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 Lens Specifications []. أعلنت كارل زايس عن عدستها الجديدة ZEISS 85mm f/1.4 Otus الباهضة الثمن للمصورين العالية الجودة لملاك كاميرات ذات حساس فل فريم حيث تمنح العدسة الحساس كل خصائص الجودة والانتشار للضوء واللون مما ينتج صور ذات دقة وضوح عالية ، اليوم.

軒下デジカメ情報局が、ツァイスから間も無く発表されると思われる中望遠単焦点レンズ「Otus 1.4/100」のリーク画像を掲載しています。 海外のソースから2019年発売予定の「Otus 1.4/100」の画像を提供して貰った Otus 1.4/100は2018年中に発表されると噂されていて、レンズのリーク画像も出てき. Zeiss announced their Otus 100mm F1.4 manual focus lens available in Nikon F and Canon EF mount adaptable to Sony E-mount. Expect pricing to fall in line with other Zeiss Otus lenses at somewhere north of $4500 US. With its new Otus 1.4/100, ZEISS has expanded the tried and tested Otus family to. 03/09/40 · 蔡司高端人像镜头Otus 100mm F1.4今天5月8日正式开卖,油管知名摄影师Matt Granger提前拿到这款镜头,并做了测评,与同门Otus 85mm F1.4以及尼康105mm F1.4 AF进行对比。. Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 Distagon T Lens is indeed a lens worthy of hype. This is an impeccably well built lens with incredible image quality. Kudos to Zeiss for bringing us the Otus 55mm f/1.4 lens, the first in what promises to be a exceptional line of lenses.

23/09/40 · The Photography Blog has published the Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 Lens review tested on the 45.7MP Nikon D850: “When you nail the focus with a lens like this you are rewarded with some gorgeous shots. Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 Lens Key Features. F-Mount Lens/FX Format; Aperture Range: f/1.4 to f/16; One Aspherical Element. Otusレンズは、ZEISSの最高級の写真用レンズだ。 Otus 28、50、および85 mm(すべてf / 1.4)が既にリリースされているが、今回Otus 100 mm f / 1.4が追加された。 ZEISS Otus 100mm f/1.4 2013年にZEISSはOtus 55mm f / 1.4を皮切りにハイエンドのOtus. Představení Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1,4 ZF.2 pro Nikon. Carl Zeiss se řadí ke špičkám mezi výrobci objektivů. Řada Otus se pak řadí ke špičkám mezi objektivy Carl Zeiss a nyní jsme se dočkali doplnění této prémiové řady se světelností f1,4. With the same uncompromising performance that makes all Otus lenses stand out, the ZEISS Otus 1.4/100 is a truly exceptional lens. A lens that is a reflection of the comprehensive expertise and extensive experience of ZEISS. Although developed for 35 mm full-frame cameras, the Otus® 1.4/100 gives you the quality and look of a medium-format system. Ease of Use. The Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 lens is not one to pack in your kit bag if you’re trying to travel light. The ZF.2 Nikon mount version weighs in at 1336g, while the ZE Canon mount is even heavier at 1405g – either way this is a hefty beast of a lens.

次のOtusは100mm F1.4ということで、シグマの105mm F1.4 Art と真っ向勝負になりそうですね。シグマの105mm F1.4は、高い解像力と美しいボケを両立した魅力的なレンズに仕上がっていますが、ツァイスがOtus 1.4/100をどのようなレンズに仕上げてくるのか興味深い. Characterized by an uncompromising design, the Nikon F-mount Otus 100mm f/1.4 ZF.2 from ZEISS is a short-telephoto apochromat featuring a refined construction to excel in a variety of shooting situations. The portrait-length focal length pairs with the bright f/1.4 maximum aperture to afford extensive control over depth of field for working with selective focus techniques, and it also benefits.

Otus1.4/100は、極めて優れたイメージング性能と高い製造品質により、このクラスで最も優れたレンズの1つです。. The ZEISS Otus 100mm f/1.4 is the latest addition to the Otus line up. The 100mm joins the 28mm f/1.4, 55mm f/1.4, and the 85mm f/1.4. The Otus series of lenses are all manual focus lenses and are available in Canon EF and Nikon F mount. With adapters they can easily be used on other camera systems.

The Otus series is the pinnacle of engineering on the full frame 35mm space, and I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with each of the previous three releases 1.4/55mm, 1.4/85mm, and 1.4/28mm.Zeiss in venturing a little further into the telephoto space with another extreme instrument – the Zeiss Otus 100mm F1.4 APO Sonnar.This could prove the ultimate portrait lens for those that. 04/02/40 · Zeiss claims the Otus line is the best lenses you can have on the market. And we will soon get a new addition with this new 100mm f/1.4. The first images have been leaked via Nokishita.There is yet no info about pricing and official release date.

Další z řady objektivů Zeiss Otus, které jsou konstruovány pro bezkompromisní kvalitu. Objektiv Zeiss Otus 100 mm F1.4 určený pro fotoaparáty Canon a Nikon byl oficiálně oznámen a připojil se k existujícím modelům Otus 28 mm, 55 mm a 85 mm. Nový objektiv Otus 1.4 / 100 obsahuje celokovové tělo, vysoce přesné ruční zaostřování a antireflexní vrstvu T pro.

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